# Environment Requirements

Twill 2.x is compatible with Laravel versions 5.8 to 8, running on PHP 7.1 and above. As a dependency to your own application, Twill shares Laravel's server requirements (opens new window).

# Development

For development, those requirements are satisfied by the following first-party solutions:

# Production

For production deployments, we recommend:

Of course, any other Laravel compatible server configuration and deployment strategy will be supported.

# Frontend assets

Twill uses Vue CLI (opens new window) to build the frontend assets of its UI. To ensure reproducible builds, npm scripts provided by Twill use the npm ci (opens new window) command, which is available since npm 5.7.

# Database

Twill's database migrations create json columns. Your database should support the json type. Twill has been developed and tested against MySQL (>=5.7) and PostgreSQL(>=9.3).

# Summary

Supported versions Recommended version
PHP >= 7.1 8.0
Laravel >= 5.8 8.x
npm >= 5.7 6.13
MySQL >= 5.7 5.7
PostgreSQL >= 9.3 10